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Laravel Argonaut

Simple JSON value store using dot syntax. Cached for performance.

Laravel Support

Laravel Laravel Argonaut
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You want a convenient way to store structured, simple values in your application without the overhead of models and database migrations; for example a handful of application theme preferences.


composer require fsac/laravel-argonaut

Publish the configuration file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider='FullStackAppCo\Argonaut\ServiceProvider'


Add a store by providing a stores configuration in your config/argonaut.php file. You must provide the name of a disk configured in your config/filesystems.php and a path on that disk where Argonaut should persist the store. Stores should be keyed with a unique name which will be used to retrieve them.

    'stores' => [
        'theme' => [
            'path' => 'settings/theme.json',
            'disk' => 'local',

The Argonaut facade can be used to retrieve a store which has been configured in config/argonaut.php

use FullStackAppCo\Argonaut\Facades\Argonaut;


Manipulating values:

$store = Argonaut::store('theme');

// Add a value to the store
$store->put('color', '#bada55');

// Persist the store to disk

// Retrieve a value
// -> '#bada55'

// Add a nested value
$store->put('colors.primary', '#bada55');

// -> ['primary' => '#bada55']

// Retrieve a nested value
// -> '#bada55'

// Methods may be chained for convenience
Argonaut::store('theme')->put('colors.primary', '#bada55')->save();

You must call the save method to persist added values to disk.

Advanced Usage

You may also create an on-demand Argonaut instance using the build method of the Argonaut facade and passing a file path and disk instance:

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Storage;

// Using a disk from filesystems config
$store = Argonaut::build('on-demand.json', Storage::disk('local'));
$store->put('font.heading', 'Menlo')->save();

// Using an on-demand disk
$store = Argonaut::build('on-demand.json', Storage::build([
    'driver' => 'local',
    'root' => '/path/to/root',
$store->put('musicians.rainbow', ['rod', 'jane', 'freddy'])->save();


During testing an array driver is set to prevent data being persisted to disk.